eSchool is the result of extensive contemplation, research, and real-world experimentation with the latest educational models. Its aim is to bring “JOY, LOVE, EXCELLENCE” to students through a focus on the joy of learning, a nurturing environment of love and care, and the delivery of exceptional educational quality.

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Register for admissions and placement test

The Admissions Process at eSchool is as follows:

  • Register and pay the Application Fee.
  • Submit copies of school records from the last two years.
  • Student to sit a placement test and wait for the result.
  • The placement tests include:
    • Grade Pre-1: Psychological and physical assessment
    • Grade 1 – Grade 5: English proficiency assessment (listening, speaking, reading, writing and Math)
    • Grade 6 and above: English proficiency assessment (listening, speaking, reading, writing and Math) and Vietnamese Literature assessment
Review of application

Each application will be reviewed thoroughly by the School. All admissions decisions will be based on the student’s academic records, English proficiency level, and physical and mental health status as well as the School’s ability to meet the student’s needs.


The admissions decision will be available within 7 working days from the placement test.

  • If the student is accepted, a letter of acceptance will be issued.
  • If the student is rejected, he/she can re-apply after 3 months. The Application Fee will be waived in the next application
  • If there is no space available in the selected grade level, the qualified student will be placed on the waiting list.


The School reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants based on the following considerations:

  • Unsatisfactory placement test result and/or unsatisfactory academic performance.
  • The School cannot meet the student’s mental and/or physical support needs.
  • There are negative elements in the applicant’s behavioral record that could potentially have a negative impact on the school or community.
  • The class size is at capacity for the grade being applied for.
  • Required documentation as per admissions procedures is not provided.
  • Admission Fee is not paid by the deadline.
  • The School cannot meet the individual needs of an applicant/parents.
Complete Admission Documents

Please prepare the following documents and pay all required fees within seven days of the Letter of Acceptance being issued.


If required documents and invoiced fees are not provided by the deadline, the Letter of Acceptance will be invalid.


To enroll, the following documents should be received by the School’s Admissions Office:

  • A completed and signed Application Form
  • 2 passport photos (4×6)
  • 01 notarized copy of the student’s birth certificate in Vietnamese
  • 01 notarized copy of the parents’ or guardians’ identity cards or passports
  • 01 notarized copy of the permanent residence book for the student
  • School reports for the last 02 years, and/or
  • School transfer documents (if students transfer school in the middle of the academic year)
  • All original transcripts
  • Health certificate
  • Certification of completion of the Primary School (for Secondary School applicants)
  • Certification of completion of the Secondary School (for High School applicants).


Placement Test Fee
  • Grade Pre-1          : 1,000,000 VND/student
  • Grade 1 and above: 3,000,000 VND/student
  • Applicable to new applicants
  • Non-refundable
Admission Fee
  • Admission Fee: 15,000,000 VND/student.
  • Applicable to new enrolling students, one-time payment and non-refundable.
Facility Fee
  • Facility Fee: 15,000,000 VND/student.
  • Applicable to new enrolling students, one-time payment and non-refundable.
Meal Fee
  • Grade Pre1 – Grade 5 : 20,000,000 VND/student/year (or 5,000,000 VND/student/term)
  • Grade 6 and above     : 28,000,000 VND/student/year (or 7,000,000 VND/student/term)
Health Insurance Fee (Compulsory)
  • Health Insurance Fee: 850,000 VND/student/year.
  • The health insurance fee can be adjusted according to the policy of the health insurance agency.
  • Participation in health insurance is mandatory for all students from Grade 1 onwards, except for those who have already been issued compulsory health insurance or fall under policy categories as per the Health Insurance Law. In such cases, parents are requested to send a photocopy or a picture of the health insurance card to the school office.
  • Accident Insurance Fee – PVI: 308,000 VND/ student/ school year – Accident insurance is an essential and mandatory requirement to protect students from risks and financial burdens caused by accidents both inside and outside of school. If a student already has accident insurance, they may opt out of this coverage.
Transportation Service Fee

Uniform and Textbook Fees
  • The fees for uniforms and textbooks vary depending on the quantity and grade level each academic year. The specific fee schedule will be informed to parents at the beginning of the school year.
Deadline for Tuition and Fees Payment
  • Tuition fees and other fees are paid annually or per term.
  • Discount for whole year payment: Annual tuition fees are 10% lower than termly-paid tuition fees.
  • Annual tuition fees must be paid at least 1 month before the start of the new academic year.
  • Term payment: Termly tuition fees must be paid at least 1 month before the start of the new term.
  • In addition, early payment of tuition fees also entitles parents to special discount customized for each academic year. Please refer to the “Discount Policy” section for specific information.
Payment Methods

Tuition and fees can be paid through the following methods:

  • Cash
  • POS – Visa/MasterCard or bank card at the Reception Desk.
  • Bank transfer:
    • Account name: Cong ty TNHH Ngoi Truong Em
    • Account number: 1903 6496 604011 – Ngân hàng TMCP Kỹ thương Việt Nam: Techcombank
    • Account number: 1166 0929 8888 – Ngân hàng TMCP Công Thương Việt Nam: Viettinbank
    • Payment details: Student’s name_Class_Transfer details


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